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La conciergerie

Our knowledge of the Lot area and our professional address book, we are able to meet most of your desires to enhance your stay and your daily life.

Who the hell are we?

My name is Nadège and I am 37 years old. I am from Toulouse. Eight years ago, I came to live in Cahors to work in the General Council as a decision-making project leader in the Information Systems Directorate.

I fell in love with this territory and, appreciating the quality of life there, I could not consider leaving.
After 4 years in the Lot area, I decided to turn to another adventure.

I have always enjoyed human contact and doing service.

I am a versatile person, always in action.

Anxious to share and make known the attractiveness of my territory of residence and adoption, namely the Lot area (quercyland).

I wished to create a company facilitating the life of the cadurciens and contributing to the development of tourism Lotois.

Offer the possibility to tourists as well as to Lotois to discover the Lot differently and to realize how good it is to live here, to allow them to (re)visit this area highlighting all its riches and gourmet pleasures.

By creating this concierge, I wanted to allow cadurcians and holidaymakers to save time and make life easier for them to make their daily life more enjoyable.

Nadège Ropert, dirigeante Lot of Plaisirs avec logo marque territoriale Oh My Lot

This choice was affirmed at the detour of meetings and exchanges, in particular with the valuable advice of the Tourist Office of Cahors/Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Lot Tourisme and the many professionals who gave their time for this project to be born.

At the beginning of 2019, the concierge  has become more diverse: the event activity. We organize and participate in the organization of public events such as home shows, gift shows, etc.

Today, I want to thank all the people who surrounded me, guided me, helped in the construction of this project which, without them would not have become what it became.

Revue de presse

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